Monday, August 18, 2014

Awesome Sitefly features users love and use

We want to highlight the many Sitefly features users use and love. We've been adding new features every week with the goal of helping you effortlessly build amazingly beautiful websites that look great both on mobile and desktops.

1. Slide shows in the home page. You can now switch from single cover photo into a slide show. All the photos you have in your cover photo album in Facebook will come as photos in the slide show. 

Step 1 - Click 'CLICK TO EDIT' on the cover photo.

Step 2 - Click Enable the slideshow as shown below.

Step 3 - Upload cover photos to Facebook cover photo album if you don't have photos in the album already.

Voila, here is the slide show with photos in the Facebook cover photo album.

2. Custom Pages. It's easy to add your own custom pages using pre-designed page templates, to add things like restaurant menus, products and services.

Step 1 - Click 'Pages' and click '+ new page' to add a new page

Step 2 - Choose page template. There are various types of page templates - Text+ Image, Videos/Audios, Photos/Album, Store + Payment, External links.

Step 3 - Enter page name in the dialog box

Step 4 - Add content by entering the items

Step 5 - Page is nice and ready after entering all the items.