Monday, November 18, 2013

Take a tour of your new SITEFLY 'Dashboard'

One of the exciting new improvements we made for SITEFLY 2.0 is the all new Dashboard! 

During the development of SITEFLY 2.0,  SITEFLY worked with a pair of super talented RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) students who did an amazing job in helping us craft the new branding and user interface (UI) for SITEFLY.   As a result, the new Dashboard is testament to their incredible talents.  Check it out here below....

Aside from the slick, new look; the Dashboard comes equipped with some really helpful tools and features to help you get the most of your SITEFLY sites.  With that said, let's take a dive into some the Dashboards new capabilities. 

1.  My Account

Your 'My Account' dashboard, provides you all the details regarding each of your SITEFLY accounts.  Here you can monitor the status of all you current plans as well as: 

  • Keep track of account invoices.
  • Manage and update your billing info.
  • Change your plan options. 
Also, you can quickly update your contact info if ever the need be. 

2.  My Sites

My Sites, provides you quick access to all your sites so you can easily edit, monitor traffic, change your sites settings or preview how your site will look from any mobile device.  You can also upgrade your account, change your current plan and if the need be, delete a site. (However, we hope you never have to) 

3. Site Traffic

The new Site Traffic feature is an insightful tool where you can track all your sites activity.  By actively monitoring your sites traffic, you can learn more about your visitors' behavior.  For instance, learn more about the days and times they most frequently visit your site.  Then, plan your marketing strategy accordingly so you can post the most important information at those times. 

4. Settings

Your sites "settings" contains pretty much all the back-end assets to your site like, SEO meta tags and descriptions, domains, Google analytics ID, along with your site 'contact form' email destination.   

We could dig deeper into all the capabilities and benefits your sites "settings" has to offer so, let's save that for it's own upcoming post. 

5. Preview

Are you curious to know what your site will look like from any device?  If so, then 'preview' is your tool!  By clicking "preview", SITEFLY will display your site externally in it's own tab. This way, you can get a true, first-hand experience of what your site will look like.  

Located at the top left of your preview window, you will notice a small drop menu that contains three device icons: mobile, tablet and pc.  By clicking any of the icons, you will immediately see your site respond to the size screen of the designated device.  Its magic before your eyes!  

Unfortunately, it's now time bring this tour to and end.  It's been a pleasure to be your tour guide.  Please stay tuned to our SITEFLY blog as we will continue to provide new and exciting updates about our product.