Friday, November 22, 2013

Add Twitter, SoundCloud, YouTube and other Widgets to Your Site.

One of the cool, new features we're most excited about is the, "Add Widget" tool.  

After we launched SITEFLY beta, many of our earliest adopters sent us feedback requesting the opportunity to share more information on their sites.  For example, they wished they could add their Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, Google Maps, badges or any other application that can provide something of value to their visitors.  

We immediately recognized this request as something we had to deliver.  Subsequently, the new SITEFLY offers just that; and since or recent launch, we are seeing a ton of fellow site creators adding different types of widgets to their sites

Check out how or friends from "Recording Artists Available for Booking" are using their SoundCloud and YouTube on their site!

Pretty sweet, right?

You can also add any widget of your choice by following these simple steps:
  • While in your sites editor, hover over and click the "Add Widget" section.
  • Then, copy and paste your widget code.  Also, be sure to turn your widget "On" before saving your work.
  • Once your widget is visible on your site, click the "Publish" button and boom, you're finished! 

See? That was fast.

If you have any further questions regarding widgets, check out our Add Widgets help desk , or feel free to contact our support team.

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