Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Create a Facebook Page in 10 Easy Steps

1. Login

      If you're an existing Facebook user, simply login using your account info.  If you are not a Facebook user already, I strongly encourage you to sign up first before proceeding to creating a business page.  

2. Click “Pages”

      Once logged into your account, you will need to click the "Pages" button that is located on the left side of your Facebook News Feed. 

3. Begin Creating a New Page     

      While on your "Pages" Dashboard screen, click the "Create a New Page" button located toward the top of the pages list.

4. Select Your Business Category

      Next, you will need to select the type of page you are creating based off six main categories Facebook provides. 

     NOTE: Only select Local Buisness or Place if  your business has a physical location for customers  to attend.

      Once you select the main category that best fits your business, you will need to select 
      a more specific category located within the drop-down menu. 

5.  Add Basic Information to Your Page

      Now, Facebook will prompt you through a few quick steps to begin populating your page with basic information about your business as well as the opportunity to upload a Profile image and adding your page to your "Favorites" list in order to easily access your site from anywhere in Facebook. 

6.  Add a Cover Photo

      Once on your new page, it's time to upload a new cover photo.  When done correctly, a cover photo can make a first great impression to a new lead.  Make sure your cover photo is powerful and beautiful.  You want your cover photo to provide insight into your what your business is without interfering with Facebook's Cover Photo Terms.  

      In order to get the most of your cover photo, I strongly encourage you to create the image with the following dimensions: 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels high. 

7.  Update Your Page Info (In Depth)

      Populate your page with more in-depth information about your business like key employees, products or services, awards, location and more.  Your "About Page" is prime real estate for new fans to lear more about your business and connect.

    Once inside your page info dashboard, you have the ability to manage our "Page Info, 
    Admin Roles, Settings and more." 

8.  Populate Your Facebook Page Tabs

      When you create a new page, Facebook provides you native tabs located on your site to populate with different content like photos, videos, events, notes and more.  You can also use 3rd party apps like Beatport and Pinterest to display here as tabs to boost the utility of your page. 

9.  Start Posting

      Now that your page is nearly complete, it's time to begin posting engaging content to share with your new followers.  Remember to post content that is exciting, engaging and informative.  Be sure to keep your tone consistent when posting to your Facebook page as this will be a first line of communication between your business and your audience.  Posts that include images receive much higher engagement than posts consisted of plain text. 

10.  Build Your Audience!

      Once your page is complete and you have made a couple posts, it's time to begin sharing your page and inviting friends to "Like" your page.  When a person "Likes" you page, it is their way of providing consent that they wish to receive more information about your business from the posts you make to your Timeline. 

      Facebook provides multiple ways to help page owners grow their followers.  Some are free and some are paid.  It is important to experiment with both techniques.  Try growing your page organically first through social sharing and invites.  Once you have built a good foundation of engaged followers, begin to grow your audience faster by executing Facebook Ad's campaigns to drive new traffic to your page.