Tuesday, July 23, 2013

4 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Website

Too often we hear the story of a passionate, hard-working small business owner who offers incredible products and services to their customers, yet doesn't embrace the power of the web to grow their business.  Would it not be more beneficial if your potential customers could easily find and learn about your business from your website?  Sure, you may have some sort of social media presence by having a Facebook page or a Twitter handle and maybe you even go as far as sending out a monthly email newsletter; however sadly, the efforts stop there.  Over the next three years  - "business that make use of the web are expected to grow 40% faster than those who don't."  Source: BCG Report, "The Connected World: The $4.2 Trillion Opportunity," March 2012

Here at SITEFLY, listening to stories like the one stated above is what motivates us to lead an effort to raise awareness and to empower small business' to take advantage of the web. In this post we will cover why, in 2013, it is an absolute necessity for every small business to have their very own website. 

1.  Websites help you 'Get Found' on the web.

With the volume of searches growing rapidly through the roof, the importance for local, small businesses to have indexible content is vital to a business success.  Relying on social networks like Facebook and Twitter are not enough to boost your customer base via organic searches taking place in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. 

Did you know:

  • 95% of smartphone users have search for local businesses.
  • 77% of which contact the business.
  • 44% make a purchase from that business  

Keep in mind, when creating your site, it is important to populate your sites content with pertinent business information like, your business address, phone number, products and/or services, relevant news, descriptive titles and more.  By incorporating these types of content into your site, search engines will have a higher chance of targeting your site as a reputable source to deliver in search results thus, increasing your search engine rankings. 

2.  Customers "Do" judge a business by it's website.

Making a great first impression is a major step in the right direction when trying to convince potential new customers that your business is exactly what they're looking for.   A good website is often times the first-line in communicating your companies story to your audience.   Websites give new visitors a sense of credibility along with the feeling that you take your business seriously and are committed to your customers by providing them with a valuable resource to help guide them through purchasing decisions.   According to HubSpot: All-in-one Marketing Software - 78% of internet consumers research products online prior to making a purchase.

3.  Good websites lead to better revenue.

According to eMarketer"the number of U.S. digital shoppers is expected to grow from 137 million to 2010 to 175 million in 2016."   These numbers clearly illustrate the nature of consumer behavior is changing.  There is a level of 'trust' taking place online where consumers are feeling more and more comfortable to make purchases online. Subsequently, it is ever so important your small business opens an extended channel to drive revenue into your business online. 

Whether you're a small boutique retail shop selling tangible items or a services company selling gift cards, the opportunity to drive in extra revenue via online stores are becoming increasingly valuable. Remember, when selling goods online, you are granting your customer the freedom to purchase at their own pace thus, eliminating any un-needed pressure felt by the consumer to make an impulsive designer resulting in a happier customer. 

4.  Your competitors already have websites.

Competing for customers online has already proved itself to be a necessity of success for large businesses and brands but for very small, local business' the importance of converting new leads into customers could be the difference of expansion or bankruptcy six months down the road. 

Savvy business owners understand that having a website is an unquestionable part of any marketing initiatives.  You may have the best bakery in the World with customers who rave about your cupcakes. However, right up the street is your competitor who could only dream of baking cupcakes as good as yours but, what they do better than you is, they know how to position and market themselves online.  Their savvy approach and understanding of the web gives them the upper-hand when generating leads on new customers.  Their sub-par products will overcome any deficiencies through the execution of a beautiful, professional website. 


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