Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ready, Set, Customize!

     Okay, so you've just created your site with 1-click.  Now, you would like to give your site the look and feel it needs in order to reflect your brands identity.  Here, I will walk you through the necessary steps to customize your site to give it the look you desire. 

Immediately after you click 'preview' from the 'Congratulations' page notifying you your site has been successfully created, you will be directed into the 'Customization' workspace where you have the opportunity to edit your sites 'Title', 'Logo' and 'Colors'.  

To start, lets begin with editing your site's title: 

Step 1:  Edit/Change Site Title

After your site is initially created, the site title that appears is the name of your business as it’s listed on your Facebook page.  If you wish to change the title, simply delete the existing title from the text box and re-enter a new title name.  Then, click ‘Save’.  You will notice the change has been made instantly.


If you wish to hide the title of your site completely, simply click the ‘Hide Site Title’ check-box and you will notice the title disappears from the site.  Then, click ‘Save.’

Step 2: Upload/Edit Logo and Cover Photo

Have a different logo you wish to use for your site?  No problem!  

Simply click the ‘Upload new logo image’ button and select a file from from virtually anywhere; Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, Dropbox and more. 

Once the new image has been selected, our system will automatically replace the existing logo with the new image.

When you’re satisfied with the new logo, simply click ‘Save’ and proceed to the next step, ‘Colors’

Step 3: Colors

When inside the ‘Colors’ tab, you will notice six fields in which a color change can apply.  ‘Background’, ‘Title’, ‘Navigation’, ‘Header’, ‘Text’ and ‘Links’.

To change any color, simply click the box of the item you wish to change.  Once clicked,, you will notice a color picker open up where you can choose a color by dragging the pointer across the screen. 

When your colors have been selected, don’t forget to ‘Save’ your work before exiting the screen as we do not want you to lose your work.

Feedback -- If you have any more questions regarding how to customize your site, please feel free to contact our Support Team.


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